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Guided Ski Expedtion Volcano San José (5856 m)
Chilean Andes. 6-16 October 2019 

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Volcan San José is a 5856 m volcano on the Chilean-Argentine border. It is an almost perfect 5000m ski peak - fantastic ski routes with 2500-3000 m vertical and short access from Santiago de Chile. After skiing on many high peaks in different mountain ranges, this one is still among my favourite ski peaks. Most of the route can be ascended on skis, but skiing the mountain is still a challenging undertaking due to the high altitude, length of the route, weather/cold, and logistics.
This tour is lead by two experienced ACMG- (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) certified guides: 

Grigory is an ACMG ski guide with lots of experience in places like Kamtchatka, Siberia, the Caucasus and of course South America. Peter is an ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide, with many ski trips and several first ski descents in the Andes, Caucasus and Tien Shan (to 7000m). Peter has been on Volcan San José with skis twice already. 

The trip is limited to 4 participants for a low guide-to-client ratio of 1:2. This improves safety, client care and increases options. For example, we leave the option open to include the summit of Marmolejo (6109 m), the world´s southern-most 6000 m summit, in the tour (given group strength & abilities; time and weather). 


Day 1: Arrival in Santiago de Chile. Gear & food check. 
Day 2: Logistics day in Santiago: Food, gear; recover from flight; optionally with a soft introduction to Chilean Wine.  
Day 3: Transport to Refugio Lo Valdes (2000 m) in the Cajon del Maipo Valley. 
Day 4: Ascent to Plantat shelter (3156m). This simple hut will serve as our base camp. 
Day 5: Ascent to camp 1 (4200m), a series of rock bands that serve some shelter from winds. Overnight in tents
Day 6: Acclimatization skiing around camp 1. 
Day 7: Move up to camp 2 (ca. 5000m). Overnight in tents 
Day 8: Ascent the summit (5856m), which is actually a volcano crater. The last part of the climb is usually wind-scoured and snow-free. The best part follows: The ski descent back to the Plantat! If conditions are good, this means 2500m vertical of skiing. Optional: Ascent the North Summit (5740m) as well, which often has more snow near the summit. 
Day 9: Extra day in case of bad weather of insufficient acclimatization.
Day 10: Extra day in case of bad weather of insufficient acclimatization.
Day 11: Ski down from Plantat and return to Santiago de Chile. 

This schedule leaves enough extra time for acclimatization and eventualities (delayed luggage, etc.), and maximizes chances for success. If we do not need the extra days, we will fill them with skitours (: 

Date: 6-16 October 2019. 
Price: 2500 EUR.
  • Two ACMG-certified guides
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in Santiago, night in refugios, and in tents on the mountain 
  • All meals on the mountain and in the refugios. Note: we will buy expedition food together in Santiago. The price and amount of food calculated are approximate and generous, but may be lower/higher based on appetite and preferences (: 
  • Ground transport from Santiago to Lo Valdes and back 
  • Tents 
  • Horses to carry luggage on the way to Plantat
  • As usual, a lot of fun!